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Adoption Contract

This contract represents the entire agreement between Devon Farm Rescue

and the new Owner(s) of the following puppy/dog/kitten/cat.

Below listed as the new owner(s) upon the following

Which pet are you adopting (if you have chosen a new name please submit - current and new name please)?

Full Name


Phone (Cellular Required)

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Address Ln 2 / Apt / Suite / Etc.



Zip Code
Congratulations on the new baby! Please remember that we are always here for your family and your new pawsitively amazing family member! The Owner(s) shall assume all ownership responsibilities including but not
limited to the health, welfare and daily upkeep of this pet. At the time of
placement, this pet has no known or apparent defects, other than those listed
under remarks, herein, and is expected to develop and to be maintained as a
family pet. However, Devon Farm Rescue is making no guarantee as to the
eventual quality or size of this dog/cat, coat quality, type, color, or density or
temperament and future health.
Owner(s) agree to have this puppy/dog/kitten/cat vaccinated according to a
schedule of usual and customary accepted veterinary practices and to provide
all necessary and reasonable heath care for this pet. Devon Farm Rescue has
had all vaccinations given to this pet due through the date of the placement of
the pet. The health history of this puppy/dog/kitten/cat insofar as it is known,
is attached to this document and made a part hereof. All health records of the
puppy/dog/kitten/cat herein will be made available to Devon Farm Rescue on
request. The new owner agrees to keep Devon Farm Rescue informed of
any unusual problems or health issues that may arise with this pet.
The new owner will keep in contact with Devon Farm Rescue and on a periodic
basis (to include at least each Christmas) will inform Devon Farm Rescue of
the current condition of the pet. Upon the death of this puppy/dog/kitten/cat
the Owner(s) shall inform Devon Farm Rescue of the event. Additionally, the
Owner(s) agree that, in the event that s/he can no longer keep this pet, s/he
agrees to never sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of the pet without the
written consent of Devon Farm Rescue. If such situation arises, Owner(s) shall
return the pet directly to Devon Farm Rescue. The Owner(s) will not receive
any monies for the pet from Devon Farm Rescue and will sign over the pet's
Microchip registration and all vet records, at the time of return. The
Owner(s) acknowledges that Devon Farm Rescue requires this agreement
because Devon Farm Rescue cares about the future of this pet for his/her entire life
and is willing to assume responsibility for finding an appropriate, loving, new
home should it ever become necessary.
The Owner(s) agrees to have the pet spayed/neutered and provide Devon
Farm Rescue with proof from a licensed veterinarian that the pet has been.
The Owner(s) understand that in the case of puppies they are powerful, active,
intelligent and require extensive socializing, exercise and training to realize
their full potential as loving companions. To that end, if this adoption is for a
puppy, the Owner(s) agrees to attend dog obedience classes or work
specifically on training and puppy socialization in a private sector, we
recommend (a) Puppy Kindergarten/Socialization class between 12 and 20
weeks old; and (b) Basic Dog Obedience Class. All training should be conducted
in a Positive Reinforcement method
Owner(s) have affirmed that the pet's new home has a secure environment
and any subsequent home that the Owner(s) may move to will also have a
secure environment. Owner(s) also agrees that the pet shall be maintained in
an adequate enclosed area or on leash, and not be "tied out" or allowed to roam free unsupervised.
Owner(s) understand that this pet can never be bred.
As the new owner of a rescue/rehome Devon Farm Rescue agrees to provide
mentoring assistance for answering of questions and to provide continuing
assistance for the new owner. Your mentor is: Susan Justice
There are situations in which pets bite. While this pet has shown no tendency
toward biting, Devon Farm Rescue and each person involved in Rescue
specifically disclaim responsibility if this pet injures a person.
The Owner(s) agrees that if there is a violation by the Owner(s) of the terms
and conditions of this contract, Devon Farm Rescue has the right to reacquire
the pet at no cost to Devon Farm Rescue. The owner(s) further agree that if
this pet is ever found by Devon Farm Rescue in a shelter or if an abuse or
neglect prosecution is commenced against this owner(s), then Devon Farm
Rescue automatically reacquires full right, interest and title to this pet and the
owner(s) herein agrees under such circumstances that the Owners(s) rights to
this pet, under those circumstances, are absolutely and completely surrendered.
The owner(s) acknowledge that submitting this contract and their digital
signature binds them to the terms and conditions of this contract: